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crafting prayer wheels at a time of war

Updated: Jan 25

being prayer wheel makers who lives in Israel, we now face the horrible acts of war.

being Buddhists who practice the way of the Buddha, this fight seems like something very old, a tribal war of ancient times... we Jews never had it easy... i am not sure why.

growing up here it always felt like at any moment our neighbors could attack us at any time... and from time to time there would be some conflict, always being very violent in nature.

but this latest war that started on October 7th by Hamas was the most horrific and violent one i have ever seen in my lifetime.

since this war is the most "online" war i have ever seen, a lot of footage was sent over the internet of all the horrific acts of the terror attack... since that morning i have seen so many clips shot by the terrorists of their acts. this is not recommended to anyone who's practice is not strong enough because what you see is absolute horror. for me, this was practice too.

being the undertaker of our community for the past 11 years i have seen and handled many dead bodies so these sites did not hurt me so much, but it was very dark, very violent and at some points in time took me on a roller coaster ride of feelings, but thanks to my practice i was able to stay stable and strong. if you choose to watch all those clips, make sure you know what you are about to watch. this is very hardcore stuff.

the days passed, i took on a gun, and we went back to craft prayer wheels.

at first it was not easy. some days we were too broken to do our job...

it was specially hard to craft world peace prayer wheels. to put all these prayers together... it seemed strange... it felt strange...

but we pushed on and continued to craft, for the benefit of all beings.

now it feels like the northern front might explode and war up north will open against Hezbollah. this, if happens will bring this war to our door front.

the defense ministry issued its warnings about this front opening in the north, and it is very bad.

we hope that even if that happens, we will survive. but that is not for sure...

Hezbollah is a small army that has much warfare, missiles, rockets and bombs. they are well trained and if choose to attack us, it will be very very bad.

i hope that this war ends soon, for the benefit of all beings. all are suffering terribly now and it seems like it is just going on and on... like there is no end to this fight.

may all have peace now

may all prisoners of war be released

may all have happiness

hope to be here to write you all some more..... stay tuned

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