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nano film mantras and the future of prayer wheels

i wanted to share with you all some thoughts i had on the nano mantra film.

it seems that since we offered this new amazing tech to the world to be placed inside of prayer wheels we have received many orders of prayer wheels with this new tech.

back in the year 2019 me and Ayelet were visiting the US to attend a Vajrakilaya Drubchen at the Garchen Buddhist Institute. those 10 days were one of the most special days of our lives for sure! what an intense event that was! so much power... so much energy... amazing and loving people... it felt like being home :-)

when the event was over we decided that we will take a road trip since we are already in the US and this is a great opportunity for Ayelet to see some amazing nature (and me too of course but Ayelet is always first :-) so that is what we did. we rented a car and took off to see America.

we had a blast and for the dessert of this trip we decided to take a drive up to Portland OR to see where our microfilm is made!

we met with Jeff the owner of the Buddhist Microfilm company and got to spend a few hours with him checking out his amazing place. we talked a lot about his machines (me being in love with anything mechanical and old) and how he is always afraid that one day they will brake and there will be no replacement parts for them.. (even though now there are 3D printers and any part can be made).

Micha & Jeff at the Buddhist microfilm company
Micha & Jeff at the Buddhist microfilm company

the microfilm machine

but that one conversation put a splinter in my mind (and Ayelet too) that one day, we will not have this material to craft our prayer wheels with! that would be the end of our prayer wheel journey! what a loss! we talked about it in the car as we were driving away and felt a pinch in our hearts... but we are Buddhist and we practice impermanence so we are aware of that... that one day, this will all end.

we talked about what we will do when that day comes, we thought about going back to printed paper mantras like the days of old, back to how prayer wheels were made for so many years before "technology" was incorporated into prayer wheels in the form of microfilm... and that thought soothed our minds and hearts. we can go back to paper and keep on crafting prayer wheels! we had no idea how customers would react to old technology brought back to prayer wheels but we felt that if microfilm ended one day, there will be a world wide "going back to paper mantras" anyway... so that helped sooth our hearts.

then, one bright day, as i was talking to Dr. Lorne Ladner about large prayer wheels, he introduced me to the new concept of nano mantra film!

"what is that?!" i said with big eyes!

"it is the new printing tech for mantras" he replied

"how and where can i put my hands on that new tech?!" i said eagerly

Lorne then gave me the name of the company that produces this new nano mantra film and i contacted them. they are the nicest people!

their product is expensive because of the process being made, but the results are mind blowing for whomever is interested in putting billions of mantras into one small prayer wheel!

this just blow my mind!

no more thinking of going back to paper mantras when microfilm is gone!

there is new prayer wheel tech!


it is true that for now this is hard to come by and only one mantra is printed in this new technology, but this is no laughing matter!

as H.E. Garchen Rinpoche told me once in one of our many conversations: "Mani mantra is king"

so, for now, there is only the Mani mantra being printed in this new tech, but we have new prayer wheels! new tech for prayer wheels!

this is SO amazing!!!

prayer wheels are making a leap forward into the future...

who would have seen this coming?!

surely not me ;-)

i love it that something as old as prayer wheels is now getting a new facelift and moving into the future... becoming more and more powerful!

i am sure that if the Buddha himself or any of the great masters of old would rejoice in knowing the evolution of prayer wheels ;-)

may there be many prayer wheels made in this new amazing tech! and for prayer wheels to keep on moving forward in time and continue to benefit all beings!

may it be so

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