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Nano tech in prayer wheels!

Dear world Sanga!

we wish to inform you that today we have ordered our very first ever nano film of mantras!

this is a new technology that is being incorporated into making prayer wheels and this will eventually replace the old fashion microfilm used today :-)

nano film with Buddhist mantras on it
Buddhist mantra nano film

this new technology of nano print is very expensive so we have only bought one reel and will craft prayer wheels from it when it arrives at our studio, we will then post these new prayer wheels on our shop.

currently, it is only the Mani mantra being printed on this new nano film but my best guess is that many more would be printed as soon as there is a request for them. at the moment, only the Mani mantra is available in this new tech.

i think that it is amazing that prayer wheels are being upgraded to hold more and more mantras in them, allowing you, the practitioner to spin more and more mantras with each spin! what a blessing this is!

think of it, first there was handwriting, then wood block printing, then regular printing, then microfilm and now nano print! each evolution brought more and more mantras into the prayer wheel! i think this is amazing...

if you look at the photo you will see that there are squares on the film. each square is 1 inch by 1 inch and each square holds.. wait for it....

10 million Mani mantras! this reel holds 1.8 trillion mantras in it!

we are so excited to receive this new film and start making prayer wheels with it, these new prayer wheels will have hundreds of millions and even billions of Mani mantras in them and would be small in size!

this is amazing... we are overwhelmed...


we will let you know once this film arrives and we learn how to work with it.

maybe we will have a way to incorporate it with existing microfilm and mix mantras together, new tech with old tech!

that way you will still have the mantras you want if you wish to mix them, but if you choose to have the Mani mantra in the mix it will be in tremendous numbers!




may all be free!


much love,

Micha & Ayelet

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