The all new GBI World Peace Prayer Wheel! this time for children! Or if you are an adult and want a really tiny travel size prayer wheel that is also a work of art, this is your prayer wheel!

It is made from Walnut hardwood and is shaped in our "retro" prayer wheel design like our small handheld prayer wheels.

It has the Om Ah Hum syllables on the drum in white red and blue, and inside are the following:

750,000 Mani mantras

25,000 White Tara mantras

6000 Vajrasattva mantras

The Shir Lama'a lot prayer from the Jewish faith

The Lord's Prayer from the Christian faith

The Surat El Fatiha from the Muslim faith

A Peace Hopi prayer

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche's world peace prayer


All in this tiny prayer wheel! what a beautiful creation… I wish someone would have given me one when I was a small child… 😊

a tiny handheld GBI World Peace Prayer Wheel #005

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  • prayer wheel measurements:

    drum diameter = 36mm

    drum height = 40 mm

    handle diameter = 15 mm

    total length from top to bottom = 145mm

    wight = 50gr

prayer wheels made so far: 2036

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