This is a peace handheld prayer wheel from our "revolution" style series. It is made from Walnut hardwood and it has inside the following:


25 million Mani mantras printed on microfilm from the Buddhist faith, the unity prayer from the Bahai faith, the Surat El Fatiha prayer from the Muslim faith hand written by a good friend of ours, a Sheik of a small village here in Israel, The Lord's Prayer from the Christian faith printed in Aramaic script from the church in Jerusalem where Jesus Christ spoke this prayer to his disciples for the first time, the Shir Lamaalot song from the Jewish faith printed on fine cotton paper by a good friend of ours who is a Kabala master, prayer knots of the Lakota tribe from north & south Dakota called Wapaktas for world peace and finely, A peace prayer from the Hopi tribe from Arizona USA. All inside this little round prayer wheel! Wow… may it send a unity vibe to all realms with every spin, may it bring us all a bit closer to each other with every spin and erase this feeling of separation which plagues our time now on earth.


On the drum it has the word "Peace" in English, Hebrew and Arabic

May it spin to bring world peace

a medium size revolution style handheld peace wheel WN#73

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    prayer wheels made so far: 2035

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