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this is our medium size handheld prayer wheel made from Walnut hardwood.

It is filled with 4 million Vajra Guru mantras printed on microfilm.

On the top cap it has a double Vajra in gold acrylic

On the drum, the Vajra Guru mantra in gold acrylic.

On the handle, a golden vine.

It has no Swarovski crystal on top.

It has a red Carnelian semi-precious stone as a counter balance.

medium size Vajra Guru prayer wheel WN#13

Excluding Sales Tax

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    Since all of our wheels are made to order, please allow up to 10 - 12 weeks for delivery

    Disclaimer: by clicking the payment button and making a purchase of one of our prayer wheels, you (the customer) are liable for custom & other fees that will occur once the prayer wheel arrives at your country.

    NOTE: Being that wood always varies in color and grain, we cannot guarantee that the wheel will be the exact color as pictured, but we always match the colors as closely as possible. That being said, it also means that your prayer wheel will be one of a kind, and no one in the world will have the same exact one.

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