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our prayer wheel story:

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We are Micha & Ayelet and we live in a small community called "Kibbutz Ein Hashofet" in the land of Israel. We have been making custom handmade Tibetan prayer wheels since 2009 after a short meeting with H.E, Garchen Rinpoche at a teaching seminar he conducted in the north of Israel. We were so amazed by the wooden prayer wheel he held and spun in his hand; we felt a strong urge to make prayer wheels. It was a long journey but we finely made our first Tibetan prayer wheel and from that moment we knew what we were here to do: Make Prayer Wheels!

Right from the start, some friends of ours saw our work and commented that it is a beautiful idea to spin your prayer to all beings, but they knew nothing about Buddhism and asked if we can make a prayer wheel with a Jewish prayer inside.

It took us 3 years of consulting with different Rabbis and Tibetan masters, and they all thought that this would be a great idea, after all, what can be wrong in spreading what you think will help others? It is an act of kindness you perform that is not ego based, but altruistic in nature.

Well, we made our first ever "Jewish" prayer wheel and the Christian and Muslim were not late to arrive!

Israel is the meeting place of these religions and we feel blessed to be able to give people something special and unique made by hands and heart in the Holy land of Israel. Much history is in this place, and now, we are making history by introducing something new, a way to spread your belief to all.

Thank you all for your support in our prayer wheel project!

Micha & Ayelet

Ayelet & Micha the prayer wheel makers
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