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Our monthly newsletter

Aileen Strauss
Aileen Strauss (my mom)

Dear Sanga and friends


This month was a sad month :-(

My sweet old mother passed away on May the 3d, she was 87 years old and she lived an amazing life!


Her death was as spectacular as her life… she decided that she had enough of this life and said: "that is it. I am leaving. I had enough of this life and I am now going"

And in less then 20 hours later she was gone. Peacefully in her bed.

We had a beautiful ceremony which she would have loved!

She was without a doubt my (our) biggest fan! She will be missed…

So, that stopped us in our studio for the 2 days prior to the traditional Shiva sitting of 7 days.


Now we are back in the studio and crafting full steam ahead! We have so many prayer wheel orders coming in! I don't know what changed, but all of a sudden, we have many many prayer wheel orders! We are so excited!!!

May this be the beginning of more orders of prayer wheels to come! After months of no orders, this is like a breath of fresh air! 

Here in the not so holy land things are not so good… we are still in a war in the south, at war in the north… country in bad place, people in a bad place… very harsh times here…

I wish with my whole aching heart that this war will end and all could live in peace.Life is so short…we take nothing when we leave here…

But we are strong (me and Ayelet that is) and we will continue to craft prayer wheels!

If I die today, I did something good in my life.So, with that in mind, we will continue to craft prayer wheels and do it with the intention to benefit all beings! This life is so short… and we want to do something meaningful in it.


We are doing something very meaningful! and that fills our hearts with joy! Not so much our bank account but that is not why we are crafting prayer wheels for!


As we are only the two of us crafting these holy objects (just me and Ayelet) please have patience with your prayer wheel orders, we will craft them all but it will take us time to craft them all as the list now is very long and keeps getting longer… as of the time writing these lines there are 51 prayer wheel orders on the list… holy moly!

But rest assure, they will all be filled and you will all have your beautiful prayer wheels to spin for the benefit of all beings!


Thank you so much for all your support over the years!

much love,

Micha & Ayelet

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