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some hardships along the way

it has been 15 years now that we have been crafting prayer wheels for the world. these past years have been a real blessing in the sense that we got to do something that we never ever dreamed we would ever do! do good on this earth! we feel so fortunate to have been able to provide this service to you all out there...

some years have been very good, some were very slow in incoming orders. some years the material costs were low and now prices are skyrocketing... each and every year is a surprise!

for the first 10 years we both had other jobs to sustain our livelihood but in the past 5 years we have left our day jobs and centered ourselves in the studio full time crafting prayer wheels.

the past year (2023) was very challenging and not an easy year financially and 2024 so far has been hard which got us both starting to think we need to maybe close shop and look for regular 9 to 17 jobs... this is sad, but there is nothing we can do... bills must be paid.

we did our very best not to raise prices over the years and try our best to craft these one of a kind prayer wheels at the lowest possible price, but now, materials prices went up so much and just keeping the studio has tripled in price :-( Israel is a very expensive country to live in...

we might need to change our approach and not to have the option of "ordering" a prayer wheel and just craft what we can and put it for sale on the shop. this is a radical change in our attitude because it was our goal to be able to provide the service where you, the customer can ask for anything and we will craft it for you, if we can with our limited abilities, but i feel that this approach can not be sustained for long as we have no incoming orders in the last 2 months (just a few) and our finances have been depleted to a point we need to go find jobs.

i speak for myself of course but feel that i am representing Ayelet's thoughts as well when i say that this is by far the most important thing we have ever done in our short little lives and we never ever dreamed to craft over 2800 prayer wheels to be spinning out there in the world for the benefit of all beings! this has been and still is the most satisfying work we have ever done in this life.

i had many titles in life but a prayer wheel maker is the most significant of all, by far.

all of it was thanks to all of you out there who believed in us and ordered our craft.

our goal and dream was, from the very first moment, to craft as many prayer wheels as we can, while we still can.

it seems now that our prayer wheel making karma is reaching its end for reasons unknown to us.. this is karma, it is swift and impersonal. we all must face our own at each and every moment.

so, let me again thank you all for all you have done for us, allowing us to do something extremely important with our little lives.

we hope this is not the end of it all, but as our finances are almost gone, we need to change something.

may you all have peace and help your fellow men and women, we all need to work together here on this plane of existence, we are all one and we work best when we do good toward one another. when we feel alone and start to think in the form of "me against the world" that is when things start to go wrong....

much love,

Micha & Ayelet

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2 Kommentare

Sơn Tùng Trần
Sơn Tùng Trần
08. Feb.

I'm sorry if you stop your job. But we can hope. Now it's not many choices. May you peaceful and happy. We will miss you. So much 💞❤️

Gefällt mir
11. Feb.
Antwort an

this is life, this is our karma. we have crafted over 2800 prayer wheels over 15 years and we could not have ever imagined that we would do so.. so, we are very happy that we did and very sad that we will not anymore... but we still here. even if we change our job, we will still try and keep the studio alive and make prayer wheels, but much less and in a different way. only on the shop, no option to order :-) we will see what happens :-)

thank you so much for thinking of us in this beautiful way

Gefällt mir
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