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Tibetan Prayer Wheels

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an H.E. Garchen Rinpoche's prayer wheel design
a classic tabletop prayer wheel
various prayer wheel pendants

The Tibetan prayer wheel is a Buddhist holy object that was crafted in the land of Tibet a very long time ago. It is a spiritual tool intended to increase compassion in all beings by spinning it. It is made from a drum that holds the prayers or mantras inside and a handle with a rod that goes through the drum. A counter balance weight is connected to the drum by a string or chain so it can be spun using a small movement of the wrist.

The common mantra in Tibetan prayer wheels is the compassion mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" and is written inside the prayer wheel many many times. The Buddhist belief is that every spin of the wheel sends out the amount of mantras or prayers that are inside it to all beings in all the realms. Taking the compassion mantra as an example, if the prayer wheel has 10 million mantras inside, then every spin sends out 10 million mantras of compassion to all, including the spinner.

Our prayer wheels are hand made one by one from various hardwoods and from time to time some local woods we find and dry. The wheels are filled with mantras on microfilm so a very large amount of mantras can be placed in them to increase their power.

Being Buddhist practitioners we came across the prayer wheel in 2008 when H.E, Garchen Rinpoche came to Israel to give teachings. We were overwhelmed by the wooden prayer wheel he had in his hand and decided to muster up both of our skills and construct one. We undergone study and asked many Tibetan Masters for permission to make them, consulted other prayer wheel makers for tips and info they were willing to share, and then, after months of study and consultations we made our first prayer wheel. Since then we have made many more prayer wheels and shipped them worldwide.

Here for your considerations are the different prayer wheels we make, you can order each one and it will be crafted for you. The ones who have the "one in stock" are available to be send immediately since they are already made.



Since all of our wheels are made to order, please allow up to10 - 12 weeks for delivery

Disclaimer: by clicking the payment button and making a purchase of one of our prayer wheels, you (the customer) are liable for custom & other fees that might occur once the prayer wheel arrives at your country.

NOTE: Being that wood always varies in color and grain, we cannot guarantee that the wheel will be the exact color as pictured, but we always match the colors as closely as possible. That being said, it also means that your prayer wheel will be one of a kind, and no one in the world will have the same exact one.

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