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Muslim Prayer Wheels

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The Muslim prayer wheel concept came after we were asked by a good friend, a Sheik of a near by village to make one for him. He loved our work for years and wanted to have a prayer wheel that had a Muslim prayer inside. He wrote down the prayer he wanted in his hand writing, the "Sura El Fatiha" from the Koran and we made him a prayer wheel. Since then we made a few more and here for your consideration are our Muslim prayer wheels, after all, our mission was to construct prayer wheels for all religions and he helped us achieve that goal!

since all of our wheels are made to order, please allow up to 10 - 12 weeks for delivery

NOTE: Being that wood always varies in color and grain, we cannot guarantee that it will be the exact color as pictured, but we always match the colors as close as possible. That being said, it also means your prayer wheel will be one of a kind, and no one in the world will have the same exact one.

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