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prayer wheel testimonials

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1) It is wonderful to know that the Holy Land Prayer Wheel team is one of the few Sources in the world that offer authentic 'microfilm filled'
Prayer wheels. It is incredible that many millions of mantras  can be stored in the drum. Having used many metal wheels over
the years, nothing compares to these wooden creations.
I personally feel that my "Holy Land" prayer wheel is a supreme method for accumulating merit and benefiting others. This is easy to say but
it is something really felt when practicing with it.
Keep Spinning!!
2) I am a newcomer to prayer wheels. Micha explained every step of the process and produced a wheel exactly as was discussed. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of such a superbly crafted implement of Skillful Means. May All Beings Benefit!
Paul Elison, student of Lama Dawa Chodak Rinpoche
​3) I had been tying to find a Medicine Buddha prayer wheel for some time when I came upon your wheels during an internet search. The photos of your prayer wheels looked wonderful and while any prayer wheel generates great merit, yours seemed special. When I received the completed prayer wheel and began using it in my practice I was stunned by the workmanship, beauty and feelings of spirituality seem a part of the wheel. I followed up with a Green Tara wheel order and am looking forward to the additional merit it will bring my practice. Thanks for the blessings of your wheels and your great service.
Rick Morris CO, USA

4) The prayer wheel is beautifully made and spinning action is very smooth. Micha is very helpful in replying my inquiries and getting the specifications from me on how I want the prayer wheel to be.
Thank you very much for your effort in making the prayer wheels available to others.
MK. Singapore
​5) I have received the prayer wheel in excellent condition. The feeling of spinning this prayer wheel was beyond words can describe. I felt so peaceful and bliss that day when I started to spin the prayer wheel...  Your workmanship is excellent. So much thanks to you.
David Ang Singapore
6) Hi:) My dear son gave me a gift of one of your prayer wheels and a small neck prayer scroll. I love them both very much and value what you are doing as Buddhists and craftspeople. Best wishes
KM, Australia
7) "The small wooden prayer wheel necklace I bought from Holy Land Prayer Wheels has been very helpful. I find that it's when I leave my meditation cushion and go out into the world of work that mindfulness slips! This is where my necklace comes in - its presence around my neck reminds me to drop discriminating awareness. Instead of reacting, I can turn the little prayer wheel, breathe deeply and return to innate awareness. It's also wonderful for bringing walking meditation into the often draining round of working life - having the wheel to turn transforms a scurry from commuter train to office into a reflective walk in which you can turn the wheel and inwardly bless all the small wonders you then begin to notice in passing - leaves reflected in the puddles, the flight of a bird - because the wheel's presence has drawn you back into meditative awareness. It's also unusual and being made from wood it feels more resonant and responsive to warmth and touch than metal - symbolically, it seems closer to the Bodhi tree under which the Buddha saw the morning star and understood the nature of things and helps draw me closer to such awareness. A big thank you for this imaginative workmanship!"
All the best,
Joanna. London GB
8) For many reasons, my Holy Land Prayer wheel is working wonders for me. I use it daily and enjoy its smooth surface as well as its silent motion or its lovely decoration. The light catches in the multifaceted stone on top of the imagined lotus flower - and my prayers go with the wind and around the plant. I owe it to Micha and Ayelet, that I own such a beautiful gem to practice with Buddhist Mantras. The craftsmanship and beauty of my Holy Land  Prayer wheel is outdone only by the immense number of Mantras that it sends to the universe. As Ayelet explained to me recently, the mantra disc contains a million mantas with each turn. Whenever sadness or worries cloud my mind, I stand on my balcony and recite Chenrezig Mantas, watching the clouds pass by, reminding myself of the impermanence of all things and connecting my loving thoughts with the universe. Thank you, Micha and Ayelet, for such a wonderful Dharma tool!
Moon McNeill (Germany)
9) the wheel arrived safely and beyond my expectations. The workmanship is beautiful, the mantras and lotus beautifully painted, and the feeling is very energetic. I've been using daily. Your work is gorgeous and empowering.
Derek Armstrong, Canada
10)  Dear Micha,
The very beautiful and superbly engineered and crafted small prayer wheel arrived today - to great Dharma excitement on my part. I have been really looking forward to receiving it and am more than pleased.
It fits in the hand so naturally and requires only the most subtle of movements to enter into seemingly effortless revolutions. One can vary the speed, intensity etc. with the merest whisper of a suggestion. The grain and wood is also very attractive with good grain and weight. 
Of course, the fact that it is a MANI wheel (and thank you for the carefully engraved and gold-filled Sanskrit syllables on the drum) makes it all the more meaningful. It is not just an ordinary possession! It is a miraculous Dharma hub! Miniature machine for maximum merit production! 
May your business flourish and your kind hearts blossom.
I dedicate to your success and shall keep in contact.
Your Dharma friend,
R.M. Australia
11) I have been wanting to share my prayer wheel experience with more people and now I get the chance.  In 2016 I took an interest Tibetan prayer wheels and fascinated by the stories I read about the power of the Divine Grace from the wheels.  Micha & Ayelet, crafted my first prayer wheel the same year and I have been using it since.
Our guess room, according to our Fengshui lady, is influenced by the Mountain Star 5, symbolizing misfortune, trouble, accidents and obstacles.  We mainly use that guess room as our prayer room.  Long story short, I have been spinning the prayer wheel in there daily.  Last year because I also put the “salt water cure” in there (it is said that Salt water cure removes negative energies, the more negative energies, the quicker the cure forms crystals), but after 6 months, I noticed that the salt crystals were not forming much and could not form all around the bream of the glass container!!! I was very surprised to see that! 
When I did more research, I found that some places have been using prayer wheels as Feng Shui cures.  Because the Prayer wheel can destroy negative energies, enhance the positive energies and rectifies any imperfect magnetic or energy fields!  Salt Crystals not really forming was an indication that our room had little to no negative energies! Divine Grace!!!
So, if anyone out there is considering getting a prayer wheel but have not made the decision to do so; I truly believe that you will really enjoy the prayer wheel experience once you get your hands on one!
Prayer wheel can be placed anywhere in the home as long as in a respectful position above the ground. Because it is considered to be the Goddess of Mercy (Guanyin/Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva) herself.  Each prayer wheel contains millions of mantras and according to the tradition, a home with a prayer is sufficient to turn the place into a Divine’s abode hence dissolving all obstacles and stumble stones!!!
To date, Micha & Ayelet have already crafted 5 very beautiful prayer wheels for my family!!!
Just to finish off, I will quote my Feng Shui lady 😊

“Thank you for sharing this important and very special information with me Felix. I have quite a few very spiritual clients who, like us, use feng shui at the deeper spiritual level, the very best way to use it but not everyone understands that. I will pass this information on to them if I may, the more people using feng shui in this way, with prayer and Divine blessings, the more our beautiful planet benefits.”
Felix Lim, Australia
12) I first made an offering for a  7 Line Guru Rinpoche Prayer  wheel. I am amazed at the wonderful workmanship and my Guru advised me to decorate with crystals 
My wife brought the hand held wheel which is very light with her on a pilgrimage to the four holy sites
Recently moved to a new home and made on offering for a table top Mani wheel. Thd wheel is exquisite and soon i will add some crystals 
I am considering making an offering for Medicine Buddha Prayer wheel soon......
Micha and Ayelet make Very beautiful prayer wheels
13) Dear Micha & Ayelet,
I received my Vajra guru prayer wheels today by post in Singapore. Thank you so much. They are beautiful with excellent craftsmanship. Ordering through your website was easy, and every question is met with prompt response. Thank you again for your beautiful handcrafted products.
Best wishes, Angelica
14) These are truly superior prayer wheels. They're beautifully made and spin more smoothly and quietly than any of of the other prayer wheels I've seen over the years. The one Micha and Ayelet made for me a year ago is a treasure. They are good people who pour themselves into their craft. I don't think you'll find better prayer wheels anywhere.  DW, USA

15) "It has been about 2 weeks of using the prayer wheel hand crafted by Micha and Ayelet. I love it so much that I have been practicing and praying with it almost every day. The prayer wheels feel so smooth and light when spinning it, yet energising and purifying. It helps in my visualization with the light reflecting from the crystals. The intricate artwork is so well done and the finishing gives a magnificent shine and touch to it. With the challenges and crisis that the world is going through, everyone should own a prayer wheel in their hand, made with love from Micha and Ayelet.


With peace and love,

Alfred Chung


16) Received the prayer wheel a few days ago. Splendid craftsmanship. Majestic artwork. Silent when spinning. Full of radiant energy. I would highly recommend a prayer wheel from Holy land Prayer Wheels to all the universe's spiritual friends. Micha was very helpful, clear, and kind during the ordering process through email, making sure to craft the wheel exactly as ordered. Shipment arrived securely and safely. May all beings benefit through the spinning of these wheels, Holy land Prayer Wheels skillful spiritual means, and dedication to quality! Thank you from the heart. With love.

MM, Big Sur, CA



17) i wish everybody can realize how amazing it is to spin this prayer wheel!, I do it every day and as great Masters says: you can create a great practice just by spinning a prayer wheel, and for me it is a great practice support. the one which I have bought from you is amazing!, the wood, the quality, and the great soft easy sensation of the spin… it is really amazing !! Thank you very much!!


Javier – Venezuela





18) Innovative and efficient Prayer Wheels.. Keep at it !


19)  The beautiful Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel you made for us has helped our Sanga deepen the devotion of our members.

May all benefit. 


Walt Thompson



20) I first found Holy Land Prayer Wheels on Garchen Buddhist Institute's website. I bought a White Tara pendant. I immediately connected to spinning it as a method to send out positive energy and loving kindness. It quickly became a habit and is now a huge part of my daily practice. I've invested in a medium handheld White Tara, a small handheld spherical Amitabha, a tiny handheld GBI Peace prayer wheel, and a small custom handheld prayer wheel as well as some pendants. I really couldn't imagine my day without spinning a prayer wheel or two. Spinning the tiny handheld GBI Peace prayer wheel while walking to work is so calming, and it fits nicely in my purse. My favorite thing is to give pendants as gifts. It's a great way to introduce this practice to my loved ones. As others have said in their testimonials, the craftsmanship and artwork is superb. Micha and Ayalet are so kind and make the entire process so pleasant from beginning to end, which to me, is very important. They treat it with the sacredness it deserves. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in them. The price is so small, given the immeasurable value they possess. I've seen some noticeable shifts in the energy around me when I spin them, numerous times. In fact, once while I was spinning my tiny handheld Peace prayer wheel while walking, I believe it saved me from being run over by 2 cars that almost sandwiched me! If you are contemplating buying a prayer wheel, do so. Please support this business! You will be so glad you did! May all beings benefit!


Pullman, Washington

20) My life feels significantly blessed by the beautifully crafted prayer from Ayelet and Micha. I bring it with me many places and particularly enjoy using it while driving, the mind’s habit to endlessly think about it’s own concerns is transformed when I spin the prayer wheel, it has the power to bring me back to my bodhicitta intentions and commitments.

Thank you for all the blessings you help radiate throughout our world. 

Om Ah Hum

Mikiah Cohen

Oregon, USA

21) Hi Micha and Ayelet,

Shalom. Thank you for the prayer wheel that you sent over.  Your prayer wheels are done so nicely and they spin so smoothly unlike many that I have seen in different parts of the world. 

Thank you


22) The prayer wheel I received from Micha and Ayelet is truly magical. Before this, I have bought prefab prayer wheels, and they always made my wrists hurt and were often difficult to spin. The holy land prayer wheel, on the other hand, is like butter. It is so smooth and perfectly balanced, I can essentially spin it indefinitely. And no other prayer wheel that I’ve seen can compare to its beauty. It is truly a work of art, and is certainly the most precious dharma object and tool that I own. In fact, I love it so much I immediately put in an order for two more. I bow to Micha and Ayelet


23) I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, The merit and splendor of your prayer wheel has graced my shrine room. Now when I do my daily prayers, I can send out billions instead of millions.

I love the fact that you also have green Tara mantras as well on it, as my two main mantras that I pray each day twice a day Are mani, and Green Tara.

The craftsmanship and the beauty of this mani wheel speaks for its self

Once again, thank you.




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