mantra list page

here you may find all the mantras we currently have in stock. if you wish to craft a prayer wheel with any of these mantras, please go to the custom prayer wheel form and fill it so to help us better understand your wishes for your new prayer wheel

  1. Mani
  2. Green Tara
  3. White Tara
  4. Medicine Buddha
  5. Vajra Guru
  6. 7-line prayer
  7. Vajrasattva
  8. Vajrakilaya
  9. Amitabha
  10. Heart Sutra mantra
  11. Manjushri
  12. Yamantaka
  13. Yangzb Vajravrahai
  14. 4 Dharmakaya Relics
  15. Chenrezig  Dharani
  16. Namgyalma Mandala
  17. Wang du – Great Cloud of Blessings
  18. The King of Aspiration Prayer
  19. Lion Faced Dakini
  20. Kurukulle

prayer wheels made so far: 2121

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