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Nano film arrived!

last night was the first time we have being bombed by Iran in all of our country's history...

it was a very loud night of explosions by our interceptors catching all those missiles...

so today, we have started to craft prayer wheels with Nano mantra films!

what else is there to do?

nano mantra film to be made into prayer wheels
nano mantra film

we will continue to craft prayer wheels for the benefit of all beings till we can not do this anymore...

but as we still can craft prayer wheels, today we rolled up the first nano mantra film rolls with 1.2 billion Mani mantras & 10 million Green Tara mantras (printed on microfilm) to do as H.E. Garchen Rinpoche requested from us (to mix Mani and Green Tara).

we will craft 2 prayer wheels, one classic design and one in the H.E. Garchen Rinpoche's prayer wheel design and one spherical prayer wheel with 1.2 billion Mani & 5 million Green Tara.

these are the first 3 prayer wheels with nano film!

we are SO excited!!!

may we live long enough to craft more ;-)

much love

Micha & Ayelet

the prayer wheel makers
Micha & Ayelet

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Maria Baker
Maria Baker
Apr 15

Thinking of you with hope for Peace for all and for your safety! Maria Baker

Micha Strauss
Micha Strauss
Apr 15
Replying to

thank you so much for thinking of us so kindly!! we are still safe for now, some major explosions in the sky by our interceptors catching all those ballistic missiles coming from Iran but other than that, we are safe. much noise today in the sky by fighter jets going who knows were... they were inflight all night too... may everyone be safe!

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