For many years, our beloved teacher H.E. Garchen Rinpoche has requested us to craft prayer wheels in this design. He has told us many times that this design of a prayer wheel will bring a lot of benefit, to us, to the practitioners and to everyone. For the longest time we have contemplated Rinpoche's advice and how to proceed with it, and finally we are ready to do this.

We will now offer this design to whom ever is interested in this style of a prayer wheel, and in the long run we will offer differnet mantra options inside but for now we will craft it to Rinpoche's specifications:

this prayer wheel is made from Walnut hardwood, Inside of it are 50 million Mani mantras and 5 million Green Tara mantras printed on microfilm.

This is a medium size, like Rinpoche's request. It can be made bigger but for now we will stick with Rinpoche's request.

This prayer wheel can come with different mantras on the drum for the customer's request.

May all benefit!

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche's prayer wheel design

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Mani mantra or Liberation by seeing mantra
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